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Hey guys, this is Dave with Moniology. Many of you already know me from my videos. For those of you who do not, i’m an extremely passionate investor and love teaching about the markets. I’ve been investing in stocks since I was 15. Now i’m in my mid-30’s with a beautiful family living in Los Angeles. But this is not about me…this is about you!

Moniology launched with a mission to educate and inspire active investors to become better and more successful investors.

My passion is to help you achieve the financial freedom and security to live the life you desire, achieve financial security and make a difference in the world.

I can share with you many examples of stocks we’ve identified over the years that have returned 5-10X returns…but my mission is so much bigger than that. There are plenty of “gurus” out there who can tout great returns, but how many have helped us actually become better investors. My mission is to not only help you achieve amazing returns in the short-term, but how to properly manage and invest your hard-earned capital to achieve strong returns over time!

I want to create the absolute best trading and investment videos and educational content on the web to share with you. This means sector and market reviews, as well as top investment ideas and analysis, live webinars and so much more based on my proprietary research. BUT, I can’t do this without your help and support.

With your support, I will be able to invest in creating the best financial education and investment coaching platform that money can buy. Let’s do this together!


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– Exclusive Videos Up To 3 – 5 Times Each Week.
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Moniology Premium will:

– help you identify the best investment opportunities in every market before they occur
– help you find the top performing stocks in breakout sectors
– help you learn how to use my unique charting techniques
– help you avoid costly mistakes
– help you become a much better investor over time

Your Premium Subscription Includes

Investment Coaching

If you're investing without a plan, you are gambling. Moniology will help you become a better investor to outperform the markets over time and to help you build the life that you desire.

Trend Investing

Invest in the countries, sectors, and companies that are in uptrends and avoid those in downtrends. Our unique approach to markets will help you identify where to invest and when.

Momentum Investing

Invest in the sectors and stocks that are breaking out of multi-year downtrends and beginning multi-year up trends.

Contrarian Investing

Following the herd can payoff at times, but most often will get result in underperformance and disappointment. Using both fundamental and technical analysis techniques, we'll help you identify beaten down sectors on the verge of u-turns and major outperformance.



“Shout out to Dave @Moniology. I subscribed to his premium service yesterday (Quarterly subscription to give it time to see how it panned out). It paid for itself many times over in just one day due to one of his Platinum producer picks that would have been completely off my radar!”

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Danny H.

Long-term investor

Waiting for Dave to put out another video…love them!.

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Brandon W.

Uranium Investor

“I watched your Premium Platinum Review yesterday morning, and dipped by toe into PLG @ $1.53…A quick 30% :)”

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Malia R.

Swing Trader

If you are looking for some guidance on trading, look no further.
Dave has been teaching me now for a couple of years. His guidance has surely paid off and now more than ever with gold doing so well.
He is always willing to answer any questions. Thank you Dave for your willingness to teach and help those wanting to become better traders.

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Jane S.

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