Weekend Market Review, 10.19.19

Uploaded October 20, 2019

Inflation! That’s the theme for this week. Despite the bearish recession narrative pushed by the financial media over the last several months, the markets seem to be sending an opposite message. After going through well over 200 long-term charts this weekend, to me the path of least resistance seems to be higher for the global equity markets. With the global equity markets near all-time highs and the global central banks continuing to “ease”, the likely end result will be an upside breakout to inflation. In this scenario, equity markets will do well, while fixed income may suffer, but commodity markets will have a major run. We will be covering the sectors best positioned to capture the upside breakout over the next several years. Stay tuned!

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**Disclaimer** This video is for educational and information purposes only. Please do your own due diligence before determining whether to buy or sell any security.

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