Weekend Market Review, 9.8.19: New All-Time Highs?

Perma bears and attention-seeking headline makers will have you believe that the end is always near–High Debt Levels, The FED, Europe, China, Trade Wars, fill in the blank will trigger the next recession and cause a significant drop in the markets. What I learned in over 20 years of intimately studying the markets is that they have a mind of their own and make their own headlines. Study charts, not headlines.

This week saw a continuation of the previous week’s bullish bounce that’s all but erased the bearish narratives that were starting to permeate the media. The charts are suggesting more short-term upside may be in the cards before any minor pullback. Ultimately, despite the negativity, it appears that the markets are setting-up for a long-term breakout to new highs, led by commodities.

Below are some highlights:

The S&P still has additional upside before hitting long-term resistance.
The Volatility index has broken below its momentum trendline and appears to have created a very “bearish” fake breakout (bullish for the equity markets)
The Largest 5000 companies: does this look bearish to you?
Oil continues to bounce off of support; look to see if it can breakout of this symmetrical triangle soon.
Nasdaq appears ready to retest all-time highs. Breakout coming?



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