What is Moniology? Part 1

Moniology Mantra:

Moniology is a global community of investors who aspire to control their financial destinies. We are a collection of passionate investors who do not settle for mediocrity or like to be told that “average” is okay. We aspire to learn, grow and become great investors in order to change the world. 

Leveraging the collective resources and financial insights of the global community via social media, Moniology aims to foster a connection of the brightest and most creative-thinking investors on one platform.

Using technical and fundamental analysis techniques, as well as my passion for education and coaching, I (Hi, I’m Dave, btw **wavy arm**) aim to impart my life-long lessons to this global community. But far more than that, I hope to inspire a generation of active investors to contribute their skills and knowledge to the betterment of themselves and the greater global investment community at large and to change the investment paradigm for generations to come.

So, whether you’re a farmer in Australia, a geologist in Canada, a professor in Mumbai, a young professional in London, or a small business owner in Texas, Moniology hopes you’ll become a part of its community. 

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