What is Moniology? Part 3

Moniology’s Vision:

Today, the average investor gets her financial advice from tabloid publications such as WSJ, Barrons, CNBC, Bloomberg, etc., and is inundated with short-term ideas and false narratives, and is often manipulated by “advisers” or “experts” who have only their commission in mind. The financial media industry is run by several monopolies whose sole objective is to drive ratings rather than offer the “boring” advice that offers the guidance and insight that people deserve. It’s sensationalized. It’s overaggressive marketing. Money is an exceptionally personal, often taxing, and emotional topic; it has the power to build and the power to destroy. Finance should not be entertainment. Moniology is about giving aspiring investors, young or old, high quality tools that are not only engaging and accessible, but are really meaningful and really help make a difference for them in their investing lives. 

Moniology launched with a mission to educate and inspire active “do-it-yourself” investors to more intimately understand markets, money, & themselves. You see, we started Moniology because we firmly believe the financial industry has let us down; the education industry has let us down. The financial education offered in K-12 and college does not equip students with a proper understanding of how global financial markets operate, how to properly manage and invest money, and most importantly, how to understand our individual psychological makeup, which effects how we approach money, who we look to for guidance and how understand the world at large. And the quality of financial media is not good enough, considering the importance of people’s life savings and the kind of monumental circumstances we are in today. What is currently available is a media and Wall St that is driven entirely for ratings and profit, rather than for sound financial and investment advice. People are left to fend for themselves or are forced to use high-priced car salesmen for their long-term financial well-being. There must be a better way. So we’re going to do our very best to change the status quo for the next generation. 

The idea behind this vision it is to give active investors access to financial fitness and investment coaching, alongside an education platform and engaging community. We believe planning and coaching is crucial, but not sufficient to long-term success. Active education is key. Initially through short videos and articles, and eventually through interactive webinars and courses taught by experts in the field, we hope to provide the best, unbiased content on the web that anyone can understand. We believe in the democratization of financial knowledge. It’s important that everybody is armed with the right information to make the right decisions from the start.

Imagine a world where everyone has access to the best and brightest minds in finance and psychology, along with an engaged community to help us make the best decisions from the get-go, thereby helping us build a solid foundation to live passionate and inspired lives based on creating and giving wealth.

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